Sunday, May 13, 2018

Sun Kim had always wanted to be a bus driver.  From the time she was 4 and could remember riding the buses in Seoul, she had always wanted to be a city bus driver.

Her mom would smile and have that bewildered look on her face and ask, "why?  There are no female bus drivers for the city.  Or anywhere for that matter."  She had actually given up trying to convince her daughter that this was not something meant for a woman.

"It is my dream!"  Sun Kim would always say.

Even her boyfriend, Tae, would wonder.  "Sun, what a silly job for a woman to want.  Why be the first woman bus driver?"

"Because it's my dream!"

And finally, the day had come.  She walked down the aisle of the South Korean Commercial Drivers License Course auditorium.  Not only would she be the first woman to receive the certification, but she had graduated at the top of her class!

Yes, there was much blood, sweat and tears as she worked hard, determined to be what she had always dreamed of becoming.

Hey, Sun!  What are you going to do now?  Go to Disneyworld?

No!  She would beam.  "I'm going to apply as a bus driver for the City of Seoul!"  Then the person would lose his smile, with it replaced with a show of bewilderment.

She had already contacted the Seoul Bus Human Resources department.  She knew it was all a formality.  Yes, she was a woman, but this was the twenty first century.  Not the the nineteenth century.  Surely, when they see her credentials and how she graduated with honors, they would immediately hire her.

The secretary was seated and immediately got up and bowed.  Miss Kim!  It is indeed an honor and privilege to be in the presence of someone as you.

Sun was a little surprised by the immediate recognition and with the best show of humility she could muster, bowed deeply and thankfully.  "I am thankful for your kind words."  She straightened up and tried to look as businesslike as possible.  "I am here to see Mr. Song."  We have an appointment in just a few minutes."

The secretary quickly sat down and punched some keys on her computer keyboard.  "Yes, Miss Sun.  We have you scheduled for now.  Mr. Song is in his office.  I will tell him you are here.

Sun finally got a chance to look around.  The place...did not look like what she pictured.  In fact, it looked a little run down.  Papers were stacked hither and yon.  ..was that clerk in the corner asleep?  Oh! He must be deep in thought. She smiled to herself.

The secretary came out of Mr. Song's office smiling.  "Mr. Song will see you now."

Monday, March 12, 2018