Tuesday, October 2, 2012


The first time I lived in Dresden in 2005 and 2006 I visited the Cafe and Konditorei on Zwinglistrasse just beside the tram Haltestelle there.  "Guten Morgen!" I would say and the server would always reply in kind.   I would hang my hat and coat on the wall that bore a sign that roughly translated "you do this at your own risk".

I was the
 Gedeckzweimann.  I always ordered the same thing. Gedeck Zwei was two Brötchen with Butter and Marmelade and a Kännchen of coffee.  I would pull out my PDA and read the RSS of various websites.  I kept an eye out the window on the marquee that gave the estimated time for each tram.  When the number 1 or 2 tram was within 5 minutes, I would pay my four euros, say "Tschuss!" and leave for work.  I was spoiled.

The second time I lived in Germany, I started out living in Freiberg which is located about a 40 minute train ride outside of Dresden.  Freiberg still is filled with buildings that predate the fall of the Iron Curtain.  But much of it is modernized.  It's a small town that one can easily traverse on foot to most parts.

My colleague and I would eat at a very small bakery just up the street from the
 Pension we were staying.  The same lady worked there practically everyday.  As our German got better we could make small talk with her.  My colleague's German was much better than mine.  My breakfast consisted of something similar to the Gedeck Zwei I used to order at the Konditorei on Zwinglistrasse.  Two Brötchen and a cup of coffee.  It all cost about 3 euros.

Later, I moved to Dresden after my family joined me.  I would make my way to the Hauptbahnhof and buy a 
Wurstcroissant or Schinken und Käsecroissant with a small cup of coffee at the oddly named Crobag pastrey shop.  Most times I would eat it on the train while I read.  The commuter train was smooth and quiet. Many times I would fall asleep going to and from Freiberg.  Upon arriving in Freiberg, I would walk down to the bakery and my colleague, who stayed there in the small town, would be there waiting on me. We'd chat for a few minutes, then leave for work.

It goes without saying...I was spoiled.

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