Monday, February 18, 2013

Blacksmith Coffee House

Update: Overpriced, stale croissants. I just paid over $7 for a cup of coffee and a HEATED croissant.  When they do that it tells me there is nothing fresh about it.

I have several coffee house reviews that I need to repost.  In the meantime, I've been going to the Blacksmith coffee house lately.

Blacksmith is located on Westheimer about ablock west of the Westheimer/Montrose intersection.  I've been coming here once a week and I think I finally got a decent cup of coffeee.  Maybe it's because I asked for dark roast.  Once you start drinking dark roast it's sort of hard to stomach much else.  Drinking ordinary coffee is sort of like having your liquor watered down, I guess.

The croissant is...fresh!  Flakey on the outside and soft on the inside.  They even apply the glaze.

The shop itself has the typical rustic look.  unpainted concrete floors.  Three of the walls are brick - not old brick.  There are six tables, three that seat 4 and three that seat two.  Along the front wall there is a row of stools and counter that face the large window.

There's also a bar of sorts.  But no booze that I can see.  Just coffee.

Overall, I'm pleased.  Except so far, Blacksmith has the most expensive combination of coffee and croissant.  Total cost is over $6.  They offer American breakfasts but I can get that just about anywhere.

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