Sunday, March 24, 2013

Kipper, spinach, bacon and new potato salad

Kroger deep discounted their canned kippers so I picked up a can to see if I could make a meal out of it.  I have never had them before but my wife had.  She explained to me that they were a very English thing.  Brits would have them for breakfast.

I found a nice recipe that also included the other very English food:  Rashers. These are sort of a combination of Canadian bacon and American bacon.  However, I used baby spinach leaves and only needed half the amount required by the recipe.

The meal was a big hit.  There was no great fishy smell or taste from the kippers...until the next day.  The fishy smell and taste would infuse itself into everything. So, make sure you eat it fresh.  If you eat leftovers, like I do, you have been warned.

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