Saturday, March 9, 2013

River Oaks Coffee House

Originally posted August 9, 2012

Wedged between a dance studio and dry cleaners is the narrow River Oaks Coffee House.  The place is nicely decorated with interesting flooring of slate with a portion of wood.  On one wall are two large mirrors and a wood framed painting of a woman wearing a hat.  The opposite wall was made to look like an exterior wall of an old-world building with a window, cracked/exposed stucco.  There is even a line of tiled roof.

To round out the old-world look, there is a sign over the back door reading "pay toilets 5 cents".

The tables are all the same size but there is an eclectic set of chairs that mix and match around the tables.

The seemingly husband/wife team are very pleasant.  There seems to be a sporadic number of regulars who chat away with the servers, coming and going.

Unfortunately, they were out of plain croissants but had on hand some chocolate almond and almond croissants.  I ordered the chocolate almond.

"Would you like us to heat that up?" They always ask.  That is, they always ask that question when the pastry has been in the cooler for a day or two.  I knew it wouldn't be fresh and I was not disappointed.  Why can't a shop raise my expectations?

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