Saturday, March 9, 2013

Rustika Cafe and Bakery

Originally posted August 29, 2012

Rustika.  I guess the idea is to be...rustic.  But there is nothing rustic about the place at all. 

The cafe appears to laid out well.  When you enter, there are the cakes and cookies immediately to your left.  I guess you could say the whole display from cakes to cashier is cadenza shaped. I'm sitting near the door facing a wall that looks like the outside wall of a sidewalk cafe.  Because in Houston opportunities to sit outside are so few we have to pretend.  How sad are we?

And as usual, when I order the croissant the whole deal is killed with the "would you like that toasted?" question.  I'll say it again.  Croissants are not toast.  This croissant is soft and chewing.  The texture is not pleasing.  As usual. It is a sad thing that I am disappointed many more times than I am pleased.

Another thing that just chaps me is the fact that servers do not listen.  She asked me what I wanted.  I said "I'd like a plain croissant and a cup of coffee."

"Ok, plain croissant and Dr. Pepper"

Huh?  "No.  Cup of Coffee" I exaggerate the words since this person is not listening to me.

I've taken years and years of voice lessons.  There are few people in this world that can enunciate better than I can.  If I enunciated anymore people would look at me strange.  But for some reason these guys don't listen.  They only listen for what they expect to hear.  They expect people to say "coffee" or "small coffee" not "cup of coffee" and even fewer to say "small cup of coffee" which I usually say.  Because if I just say "coffee" it is always followed by "small or large?"  And I get tired of the many choices I'm offered. So, I cut to the chase.  Or try to.

Besides cakes and cookies, there is a back rack of loaf bread with functional decorations of various things such as coffee and such.  The idea of leaving the loaves in the pan is rather different and novel.  I like that.  But the selection is small.  I can't tell whether this means that most were sold earlier in the morning or they just don't sell many.

The section labeled "pastries" had a few others besides the croissant.  I just hope the other pastries are better than the croissant.

Some of their desserts look good. They have an apple empanada that I'd like to buy to eat after dinner.  But the place isn't convenient for me to pick up on a whim.

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