Saturday, March 9, 2013

Stone Mill Bakers

Originally posted August 14, 2012

Right now I'm sitting in what is probably the coolest area of the entire bakery - I mean temperature-wise.  The rising sun shines through the large glass windows with nothing to block its rays. It gets a little "warmish" in here. Probably the best time to come here would be during cloudy/rainy days or maybe during the Winter when the sun rises later.

But it is a bakery and because of this, it smells wonderful.  And you are right next to all the hustle and bustle of the bakers.  Right now I'm watching a baker add texture to the risen dough.

The decor here looks to be more functional with the baking area being the largest part of the decor. There are nine two-seater tables and another two three/four seater round tables. To the left of the serving counter is a large shelf tastefully decorated with items for sale.

There are no croissants here.  But I did buy a kolache.  It was ok.  Nothing special.

Of their variety of breads I was happy to see they had focaccia....but...I didn't like it and it was nothing like real Milanese focaccia.  I was so disappointed!  There other breads look very nice, but I don't have much of an interest in loaves of bread.

The photo on their website of a calzone doesn't impress me.  Fresh calzone when brought to your table in Milan puffs up dramatically. Then as it cools, becomes flat.  So, what you are getting is the flat.

I like this place because it is relatively quiet with the low key noises of bread pans being handled.  There is a radio playing in the background...but it's for the workers.  The short round counter worker is fairly pleasant in a sort of dead-pan way.  At least to me.  She perks up when regulars come in.

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