Saturday, March 9, 2013

Waldo's Coffee House

Originally posted September 4, 2012

"Would you like that heated?"  I winced inside.  The death call for a croissant.  I knew then it would not be fresh.

Waldo's is literally a house.  A house that was converted into a coffee, uh, house. It's located right on Heights Blvd on the east side of the esplanade (or maybe it's just a wide medium) where joggers and dog-walkers like to run up and down.

The place was, well, homey.  Tranquil.  I was relaxed....until a worker started hammering a sign on the door post of an adjoining room. "This area closed" for who knows what reason.  But I supposed, hammering doesn't always occur.

The floor looks to have been kept in its original worn condition.  More patina, I guess.

There is a certain polish missing in the place.  I'm looking at a torch lamp that is leaning to the left.  There are stacks of leaflets over by the restrooms.  The choice of artwork needs more work, needs a more discerning eye.

Outside, the neighbor has a pickup truck with one wheel missing.  But that may be temporary.

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