Friday, April 25, 2014

Tiramisu’s creator focuses on customer happiness

I don't want to abandon talking about food completely.  So I found this great article about the guy who invented Tiramisu.  I had never heard of the stuff until the movie Sleeping In Seattle.
Iannaccone was good at his work, and restaurants wanted his desserts. After success with a food distribution business, he moved to Baltimore to help a business contact launch an Italian restaurant. Although he and his wife, Bruna, had initially planned to return to Italy, events compelled them to stay. Now they run Piedigrotta on 1300 Bank Street, where everything is handmade with Italian authenticity.

In the midst of it all, Iannaccone invented tiramisu.

Or so he says.

A Washington Post reporter investigated the claim in 2007 and found it credible, although the dessert’s provenance is debated by food historians. With the same dismissiveness he applies to his age, he said of his world-famous concoction: “It’s no big invention. It’s not an airplane.”
AND he's modest!

At the end of the article is his recipe for Tiramisu.  Looks to die for!

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