Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Paris Baguette: Where's the Croissant? Heck, where's the food?

I arrive at the Paris Baguette at 7:15AM. By American standards this is already very late.  By Houston standards due to all of the heavy traffic, people hit the road as early at 5am to get to work, 7:15AM might as well be noon.

So, I am just shocked that there really is no breakfast-type foods.  Right now it's 7:30AM and a truck has arrived and the workers are wheeling out the empty cartons that brought in the pre-prepared food.

Croissants, which are baked fresh, won't hit the shelves until about 8:00am at the EARLIEST.

I'm not used to this and it sort of amazes me that Koreans put up with this.

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