Friday, July 11, 2014


Korean supermarkets are a sea of green leafy vegetables.  It's pretty remarkable.  But many of the spices or herbs we take for granted just aren't here.

Flat leaf Italian parsley for one.  Very hard to find unless it's in a package of a few sprigs....garnish.

So, I go to my go-to website for finding recipes with whatever ingredients I have on hand.

Yummly is a meta search engine that allows you to search for recipes based on ingredients.  Recipes are from all kinds of websites:  Martha Stewart, Rachel Ray, Serious Eats, All Recipes and many more.

OK.  So, I have some pork tenderloin.  And I have some cabbage.  Yummly will help me find recipes with the ingredients I have on hand.

What can I make?

And this is where Yummly really shines.  Yummly will pour out recipes that have as the ingredients pork loin and cabbage.  Put you mouse over each recipe truncated ingredients list and the rest of them appear.  Now you can just peruse the recipes until you find one that lists ingredients you're pretty sure you can get.

You can add ingredients to the list and the recipe selections narrows.

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