Friday, July 10, 2015

Bread in Seoul

Well, I don't really like to criticize a city I lived in.  Especially a city like Seoul.  It is a GREAT city.  But the people's tastes are still pretty basic.  That is changing and will not be static.  So, whatever I say here most likely will change within the next few years.

But I was surprised and maybe a little dismayed with I saw Roman Meal Bread being sold at the huge Lotte Mart.

Maybe a better word for the change in tastes is "evolution".  But there are bumps along the road that I was not fortunate to have to witness. For instance, there is a coffee shop in Seoul called Coffine Garunaru.  They sell a....dessert (?) or thing you eat with coffee.  It's a large slice, or slices of square bread with toppings of various sorts.  It is large.  I could barely eat all of one.

To be honest, I wasn't impressed - it was ok. I mean, come on.  Bread?  What's up with that?

Here is a copy of a photo from the linked website of what one looks like:

The good news is, tastes in Seoul are changing for the better.  I'll dig up some photos to show this.

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