Friday, July 10, 2015

No, that's not an oven

When searching for an apartment you have to decide what is important to you.  Is an oven important?  For most Americans and Europeans, the answer is yes.  For Koreans, not so much.  It's very common not to find ovens in apartments. When this happens you have to go buy a toaster oven.

At first glance what appears to be an oven, turned out not to be so.

It's a dishwasher...

Bread in Seoul

Well, I don't really like to criticize a city I lived in.  Especially a city like Seoul.  It is a GREAT city.  But the people's tastes are still pretty basic.  That is changing and will not be static.  So, whatever I say here most likely will change within the next few years.

But I was surprised and maybe a little dismayed with I saw Roman Meal Bread being sold at the huge Lotte Mart.

Maybe a better word for the change in tastes is "evolution".  But there are bumps along the road that I was not fortunate to have to witness. For instance, there is a coffee shop in Seoul called Coffine Garunaru.  They sell a....dessert (?) or thing you eat with coffee.  It's a large slice, or slices of square bread with toppings of various sorts.  It is large.  I could barely eat all of one.

To be honest, I wasn't impressed - it was ok. I mean, come on.  Bread?  What's up with that?

Here is a copy of a photo from the linked website of what one looks like:

The good news is, tastes in Seoul are changing for the better.  I'll dig up some photos to show this.