Friday, January 1, 2016

Communism is alive and well in Dresden

Now mind you, this has happened several times.  Everytime I ask someone who grew up in the old East Germany what it was like to live there before the Mauer (wall) came down, everyone of them to a person says this first:

everyone had a job.

Now mind you, I then always want to be snarky and ask "but was it work?" but I am normally a polite person, so I don't.

So, I wasn't surprised to see the Communist Party advertising in Dresden.  They were there in 2005, so why not 2015?

I recall back in 2005/6 a woman stopping by their recruitment booth, castigating the Communists, giving them the what-for.

What is in stark contrast to East Germany, just south of Dresden in Prague, Czech Republic, they have a museum that lays out all the atrocities of Communism.  I still remember the posters around the city advertising the museum.  They showed a petrushka doll with sharp jagged teeth.

This is a photo from Wikipedia.  All my photos are in storage right now.

And here is a youtube video of some advertising in Prague.  The last line is priceless:

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